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A former Elder writes
A confession from an internal elder's meeting on the late 1990's
Another story that I'd like to share. I am typing as I think about it, so I apologize if this is not fluent or smoothe... Rewind to the late 90's. Lots of letters from HQ regarding child abuse cases. Seems like every Thurs night after the meeting we had a new letter - of course none of us thought anything about it - certainly had no clue that this was a huge problem and would only escalate - especially after the Dateline story… If you read my earlier post regarding "King PO" - the setting is now at another congregation - I had moved there to "help" - ha ha… me and all my experience at age 32… interestingly enough, this was "King PO's" former congregation - he had trained most of the body there - so they emulated his black/white approach to things… meddling in private affairs, ready to judge and correct the flock… and quick to have a different set of standards for the elders and the elite spiritual clique... One night in the back room, we were all there, minus the PO (not King PO, but his self-righteous cousin - "SUPERFINE PO") and the secretary (a dorkie fellow who had come into the org later in life - after he had his engineering degree and made a good living working for a large corporation… had a huge house and always talked about his wine collection) As we chatted, we wondered where SUPERFINE and Dorkie were. Finally they came in with somber looks and SUPERFINE seemed whiter than usual… Dorkie: "brothers, Br. Superfine would like share some information with you that is related to the recent information the society has given us regarding previous cases of child abuse…" Superfine: "hmmmm… well, you know that the society recently noted that any elder that had ever been previously guilty of hmmmm… child abuse would need to let the body know and also report this situation to headquarters… hmmmm… well I was reproved back in 1973 for mutual masterbation with my 12yr old daughter…" Total silence. My head started spinning. Tunnel vision. Unbelievable! It seems dear Br. Superfine had been doing some pretty bad things with his daughter. He confessed this to KING PO - who was the PO at the time. Br. Superfine was only a MS then, he was counseled, reproved (privately) and that was it. But King PO liked him, he was a good yes man… I seriously doubt if anyone spoke with his daughter to see if she was ok. Obviously no one spoke to the authorities. Now, 25 years or so later - it comes out. Br. Superfine is a reg pioneer, Presiding Overseer and he and his wife are the uber righteous couple who are so far above everyone else spiritually… (or so they think)… << sidebar: Sister Superfine just last year announced she was annointed… she is Br. Superfine's 2nd wife (first one died due to kidney probs - no blood transfusions allowed…) Sister Superfine was baptized in her late 30's, been in the org for about 10 years and now one of the annointed!!!! >> So, we all looked at each other in disbelief - finally another elder said that it was ok - it was obvious that Jehovah's blessing was still upon Br. Superfine. However, we should alert the Circuit Overseer and ask his advice. Next CO visit - about 4 months later… CO said yes, it is obvious that Br. Superfine no longer has this problem, and that Jehovah has blessed him. So it would not serve the congregation to remove him as elder. However, since he is a pioneer - maybe he should be the service overseer and Br. Dorkie will now be the PO. We all agreed and swept it under the table and not another word was said. Note: two of us had young daughters - and we made the comment that under no circumstances would we allow our daughters to go out in service or be alone with Br. Superfine. However, we did not say anything to the other parents! I am so sorry. Many of you know more about this than I do - if a grown man in his 30's mutually masterbated with his 12yr old daughter - do you think this is a problem/tendancy that would just "go away"??????? I keep thinking that this man goes door to door, gives experiences at the assemblies, spends time with the youth… and he is a confessed child molester. And I've mentioned this to my father and brother in the past and they just say - let Jehovah handle things if there is a problem… Unbelievable…. should I let sleeping dogs lie? How do we know Br. Superfine is not doing things still ? Scary stuff.... More stories as the come to me... this is good medicine to get this off my chest...

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