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Guestbook Fixed
Please let the person that fixed the guestbook know how much we appreciate it!
We are happy to report the repair of the guestbook. In recent months misguided individuals have blitzed the guestbook with thousands of spams in an attempt to shut us down. They also included malicious viruses that would attack the person trying to delete the spam. Volunteers for sl have lost their computers on six different occasions just trying to keep the guestbook operational. We are happy to let everyone know that with the kind assistance of a professor from Murray State University a Capta Tag was installed that provides the letters below to cut out the spams. If you would like to express your appreciation for the efforts of this kind man please do so here. We were at the breaking point with over 1,000 spams a day. Now we can operate again. We greatly appreciate his kind assistance. silentlambs

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