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New Press Video and Audio
We have added information about the new Knocking program and press coverage
We are happy to announce that we have a new video and audio addition to the press coverage. The links are as follows, NBC CBS LA Radio We also received an interesting article from Christianity Today regarding a call in field service when a JW highlight “scandal” in other religions. You can read the story at this link, As you will see when it comes to self examination some are not open to suggestion. The documentary film “Knocking” was released on PBS, there have been very happy reviews from the JW community. It has been discovered that Knocking was in large part financed by JW investors, as well as directed by the JW home office. For those reasons a large part of the success of the film has been by the promotion of the home office to get local congregations to support the screenings and buy the DVD. Much background on this was published at this link, The producers have been confronted with this information and remain evasive to answering direct questions on the issues raised. Silentlambs points out that it is one thing to produce a propaganda film/commercial to promote in a positive way a certain group. Many people do this and honestly show this as their intention. On the other hand, to claim to be an independent film while using public funding and broadcast air time while deceptively promoting a one sided program begs for a lack of integrity. We hope this will be investigated and exposed to help the public not be duped by incomplete information. We appreciate the courage and efforts of many to see the truth revealed about the sexual abuse of children within the JW community. We hope the media coverage will serve to educate all concerned with the interest of protecting children worldwide. If you appreciate the work of silentlambs we ask that you make a donation to allow our work to continue. All contributions go to keep our educational work moving forward and helping victims to find closure. silentlambs

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