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JW Molesters in the News?
Guestbook post reveals information about convicted child porn pervert
You can read about the story at this link, This is a post from the silentlambs guestbook. It illustrates that many times the background of JW members is kept out of the media to not bring “reproach on Jehovah” and protect the reputation of the organization. We publish this information based on what is written with hope that it will encourage others that know of JW molesters that are not reported in the media to be noted on the silentlambs website. In this story it is interesting to note that this person had a history of child molestation. Did the elders in Canada act on this information? If they did not, how many more children did this pedophile access before he was finally caught? The answers to these questions illustrate how the Jehovah’s Witness policy on child abuse continues to hurt children. As you will see in the newspaper article below Salmon is listed in the sex offender registry on Ontario. Sadly the public is not allowed access to the sex offender registry only law enforcement. For those reasons we publish this information to assist Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ontario to be on the look out in the event Vance Salmon starts attending meetings at your Kingdom Hall. silentlambs The Guestbook poster named “Nancy” writes: “Another JW was arrested as he had kid porn on his computer. It was in the local paper. He got jail time and he has to be on the sex offender registry for 20 years. His name is Vance Salmon from Parry Sound Ontario. It was in the local paper of his arrest. Of course as the story goes it was his brother's common law partner who put it on his computer! Ya right!! What is interesting is that they (his brother andcommon law partner) lost custody of their I believe it is 3 or 4 little children. All I remember is she was having baby after baby. Apparently the two brothers and the kid’s mother went to jail. Both brothers were raised as witnesses and at times would regularly attend the local Kingdom Hall and I know the one still went door to door at times. The parents are still active witnesses and attend the hall regularly.Vance Salmon was caught years ago with home made porn movies and he confessed to assaulting four boys who were not on the videos.........A year ago as I was leaving Walmart and Vance was just a little ahead of me leaving Walmart behind my elderly friend who I was afraid he was following. So I hurried out to catch up to my elderly friend and started walking over to the parking lot when a jacked up four wheel drive truck suddenly stepped on it. It looked like he was trying to run over Vance. The young man just gunned the truck. Vance started running as hard as he could go to get away. The young man and his girlfriend almost hit him as he managed to run between two cars. I did not know the young man but I believe he was a victim of Vance. My friend said, “The poor man! The young man almost ran over him!” I told my friend what Vance was... Just as suddenly as it started the truck slowed down once Vance stepped to safety and went and parked, both persons went into Walmart like nothing had happened. I am and I am sure others here, even ones I don't know about, are very happy he was caught... charged...arrested....” Parry Sound Man Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

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