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JW Disfellowshipped for Protecting Children
A brother writes and provides documentation
Pedophile Paradise Protected When Jehovah’s Witness Couple Speaks Out Many have stated that the policy of Jehovah’s Witnesses on child abuse has changed to make it more difficult for pedophiles in the organization. In 2002 five Jehovah’s Witnesses in good standing that presented information showing child molesters were protected in their respective congregations, were “disfellowshipped” (this means shunned and excommunicated to all family and friends that are JW) after Dateline aired on national television. The Jehovah’s Witness PR Department had a long, on going dialog, with the Dateline producers before the program aired in which they stated to them in a letter, “Regarding your request for a spokesperson, we recently brought it before the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, and they respectfully declined, as it would appear to pit brother against brother and this is not the Christian way to resolve differences. We do not feel that a nationwide television program is the f oru m in which to discuss differences in viewpoint between members of our religion. In this situation, you have related to as that your participants are primarily individuals who still regard themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses. We therefore do not view them as adversaries, but as individuals whose views and opinions should be heard within the framework of the congregation, or church, and not in front of a nationwide television audience. This would be in harmony with what the apostle Paul admonished, as recorded in the Bible at 1 Corinthians 1:10, "that you should all speak in agreement, and that there should not be divisions among you, but that you be fitly united in the same mind and in the same line of thought." Our Governing Body is willing to resolve differences of opinion within the framework of the congregation and according to Scriptural principles.” Read full letter here So according to the letter sent to Dateline, the “Governing Body” viewed participants as “brothers and sisters” and wanted to work things out “within the framework of the congregation”. Sounds really comforting don’t it? This letter was written just three months before Dateline aired and in those three months the “GB” apparently either had a change of heart or their definition of “framework of the congregation” basically meant disfellowship everyone on the program. Committees were appointed in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Kentucky three weeks before the program aired. Advocates were able to push the disfellowship dates past the airing of the Dateline program but all five whistle blowers were df’d within three months afterwards. From that point forward the Governing Body went into a siege mentality and over fifty JWs were df’d in the next twelve months for simply saying there was a problem with child abuse in the organization. Many lost friends, family, businesses and inheritances for their simple stand to protect children. One sister in Florida was disfellowshipped for writing a letter to Newsweek magazine relating her story about her son being molested as were many sad stories of advocates silenced with Governing Body appointed hit squads. Recently Jehovah’s Witnesses have often commented to the public and on the internet that the policy of the G B, on child abuse, has changed for the better. They say that brothers and sisters are now supported and anyone can warn others of molesters in the congregation. Is this true? Jehovah’s Witnesses internationally are controlled by the Governing Body based in New York. So it is interesting that in the last week of July 2007, silentlambs was contacted by a brother in Australia. In the fall of 2006 this active JW discovered that there were two child molesters in his local congregation. Not only were they anonymous to the congregation but they regularly had access to children. After trying to communicate this to his elders privately, with no response, in frustration, he wrote a letter to the Body of Elders. Click here to read an edited version of the letter The response of the elders to his simple request to warn and thus protect families in the congregation was a curt letter saying they were going to disfellowship him. They basically stated regarding the molesters, that they were going to do things as they deemed “as the need arises” and the molester would have a partner in the door to door work as they called on the unsuspecting public. You can read the elder letter here Brother Domina, who was a well known accountant in the community, wrote a letter to his many clients that were JWs. You can read it here. Shortly thereafter at the end of 2006, Brother Domina was disfellowshipped for simply saying that he was afraid for children in his congregation and demanding that family heads be warned of the presence of two child molesters. He lost much of his JW accountant business and now all friends and family members that are Jehovah’s Witnesses now shun him as a wicked person. So what does this tell the reader about the GB and the current policy of the organization toward child molesters? Everything remains the same, it is a “Pedophile Paradise” for abusers that want access to children. If you as a JW member try to speak out to protect children, you will be executed in short order by disfellowshipping. Pedophiles have the warm fuzzy confidentiality protection of elders, access to children at meetings, access to children at a get together, access to children as they offer free home bible studies door to door, and the elders iron fist of silencing anyone that tries to warn others about abusers. Now we ask you: If you were a pedophile, could you find a better “paradise” anywhere? Child molesters take note: You have safe harbor as a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses take note: The child abuse policy directing the protection of pedophiles by the Governing Body has not changed.

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