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Can you help silentlambs?
Your support is appreciated
We greatly appreciate the kind support that many have given to silentlambs over the last seven years. Each week new abuse survivors are finding the website and discovering that they are not alone. The silentlambs website gets about 4,000 new visits per day so it appears many people are being educated on the abuse issue. So far this month three JW child molesters have been reported to the Watchtower Service Department and local authorities. We also helped three different elders with abuse situations in their local congregations. There are some major events coming up in September that we cannot comment on a present but we think all on the newsletter will be pleasantly surprised when they see the results of some major work that have been months in development. For those reasons we are writing to make you aware of a situation we are in at present. August is a hard month for silentlambs as we have some major expenses that come due this month pertaining to the website. Without going into a lot of the details we have to pay annual fees for some key components of the website. Each year it seems something has always come through to keep everything going. For those reasons we are sending this message out on the newsletter to help our supporters be aware of this need. We need to come up with $1,000 by the end of the month. We understand it may be difficult for one person to cover this expense but if those on the newsletter were able to just donate a smaller amount the collective could help cover these timely expenses. Over the years silentlambs has continued to exist due to the good will of those that see our work as vital to educate and support abuse survivors, for those reasons we are just making you on the newsletter aware of this need any help would be greatly appreciated. silentlambs

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