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Former Elder in Canada Busted
Read the latest on molestations and WT policy
Paste this link in your browser for the complete story, No Change in Watchtower Policy In 1988 a letter was sent to all congregations in Canada advising elders that all cases of abuse must be reported to police. When confronted by the Canadian television program ”Fifth Estate” in 2003, Watchtower Officials cited this letter as proof that allegations of abuse are immediately reported to police. In that program former home office members reported that cases were routinely not reported when elders were required to call the legal department and report abuse allegations. Since that time several reports from media have shown that Watchtower Officials have continued to obstruct justice by not reporting child molesters and this policy continues to be an on going practice. This latest media report identifies 36 year old elder, Wendell Willick that molested a thirteen year girl from 1996 to 1999. When his proclivities were disclosed to his congregation elders he was removed as an elder but not reported to police. He then remained in the congregation as a member in good standing till 2004 when he was allowed to make the decision to “leave” the religion. At no time during this period was he reported as a child molester by the elders in his congregation that WERE REQUIRED BY CANADIAN LAW to do so. Only when the victim after years of silence finally came forward was the pedophile prosecuted. This appears to be an ongoing practice from recent reports in Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, and USA 2, 3, 4, 5. Once again we see the basis of why Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to coddle and support child molesters. The leadership will sacrifice numerous victims of abuse to keep a supposed “spiritual paradise” reputation intact. The reality is a “Pedophile Paradise” where children are the victims of religious dogma to keep members under control and donations to support one of the wealthiest religions in the world. The latest insult to abuse survivors is the October 2007 special issue of the Awake entitled, ”Keep Your Children Safe!”. The entire article about dealing with the sexual abuse of children actually DISCOURAGES parents from calling the police if a child is abused. The article goes on to say if a child screams “STOP!” that should be the primary way to prevent molestation. Pedophiles REJOICE! Apparently have a friends in the writing and legal departments of Jehovah’s Witnesses! We encourage Jehovah’s Witnesses and the public to let your check book do the talking by not making any donations to the “Worldwide Work Fund” (primary donation vehicle of JWs) until Watchtower leadership writes a letter to all congregations that ENCOURAGES the reporting of all current and past allegations of sexual abuse of children to law enforcement. It is a simple policy that must be changed, yet arrogant and haughty men ignore the cries of the innocent. When and if that day occurs it will force Jehovah’s Witness pedophiles to find another paradise.

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