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A Brother Writes
Comments from an inactive JW
Two sisters and a daughter came to our door witnessing and after what I told them I think they are very thankful. They first spoke to my wife and she told them why she is DA'd over the society's stand on them protecting pedophiles ,but she had to go shopping and left me with it. We had a meaningful discussion and I was able to enlighten them on the facts of the society and the recent cases settled in court in America ,and of course they didn't know about it . It came out that they both had observed the society hiding things and especially the pedophiles in the congregations. Well then I explained that at least one is in their congregation and one sister said she knew of the same one because an elder had told her to watch out for him because he was seen touching and loitering around one of her children . Well I said that's pretty terrible that a pedophile has to touch your child before an elder will warn you of the pedophile 's history. Then the other sister who is a newly baptized witness asked the other sister why she hadn't warned her too. Well she was embarrassed but I cut in and pointed out the secrecy that is rampant in the society about this is common because the governing body and in turn the elders keep it quiet and children are put at risk. But this new sister was appalled for she had been having the pedophile over to her house with her children there to see if he would study with her husband!!!!! She didn't know because no-one knew or never warned her ! See how slippery this scum is ,wheedling their way in ,winning the confidence of the children and parents. Well they know all the facts now and thanked me and said they would come back and have coffee with my wife when she's got more time .We discussed other things too briefly, but I feel so much relief now that at least some more local kids will be protected now for they are going to tell other young parents of the threat . I also pointed out that this scum is allowed to go to peoples doors and try to win their confidence to get in , and despite what the GB say they don't get escorted all the time by a elder ! And they said he was actually working with them in the group today and not with an elder!!!! Jehovah's not protecting the children,nor the holy spirit ,nor the governing body or elders, but I sure as hell will try to keep warning who I can and I'm sure I don't need to be in their religion to be a decent human being and help other human beings who are just like me!

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