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Will Silentlambs Continue?
Please remember silentlambs this time of the year
Dear Supporters: In just one year, as reported today on "The View,” two kids who collected cell phones for soldiers in Iraq received more than $1 million in donations. This is just one more example of how generous people extend themselves on behalf of those in need at this special time of the year. We here at Silentlambs also need help at this time. For the last seven years, Silentlambs has worked tirelessly to be a voice for those that have none - whose lives and faith have been devastated by horrific childhood violence at the hands of trusted church officials and members. On our website we have over 1,000 stories of abuse. Every week, we provide a hotline for anyone who calls needing help (whether a victim, a family member, prosecutor, potential whistleblower, investigative reporter, or a concerned JW or ex JW). Every week, we answer dozens of emails from deeply wounded abuse survivors or their families seeking guidance. Thanks to our direct work, more than 500 child molesters have been reported. In addition, twenty-two documentary programs - in the US and other nations - have extensively exposed kids fate within the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Just last month, a French documentary program devoted an hour long broadcast during prime network time to explain the widespread and continuing problem of child abuse by JWs. A week ago, NBC Nightly News broadcast information about JW abuse lawsuits being quietly settled. None of us will ever know how many children have ultimately been protected because of your generous support and our hard work. Many victims are being supported as well. As reported by MSNBC, sixteen JW victims of abuse were paid $12.5 million to compensate them for the inexcusable abuse they suffered. As important, or even more so, is the fact that victims no longer feel alone. Through Silentlambs, they connect with one another and get the support they so richly deserve and so desperately need. Silentlambs spent thousands of hours helping these victims get justice, healing and closure. We've also spent many thousands of hours more with cases that were dismissed on some legal technicality (like the statute of limitations). Judges have described the actions of Watchtower officials as “egregious” and “outrageous” in cases that were dismissed due to the shrewd, ruthless legal maneuvers by Watchtower lawyers. At Silentlambs, we struggle daily to keep the torch burning despite growing costs associated with supporting new victims who are finding us and speaking up for the first time. We remain a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those that suffer and protecting children from the harmful effects of abuse. We ask you to search your heart and please make a tax deductible donation today to help this work continue. Whether it is a lump sum or just a regular amount each month each dollar goes directly to help those in need. Please write a check today (whether for $100, $50, or even $20) to help us to continue with this valuable healing work. silentlambs

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