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Uk Ronald Drage Supporting Pedophiles?
New information on the recent conviction of serial pedophile George Cockerill
For the full article copy and paste this link, Ron’s Rapists Strike Again A few years back Silentlambs reported on a UK Child molester named Michael Porter. Porter molested at least 24 children including an 18 month old baby. If you note the commentary in the link Ronald Drage the head of the IBSA in UK was implicated with a series of questions that related to the use of Porter in his congregation for privileges of service. You can read about this here. The article was entitled, “Ronald Drage Shows how to ‘Suffer the Little Children.’” Now it appears we have a new scandal involving someone close to Brother Drage. George Cockerill was recently convicted of over 50 sexual offenses against children over a 40 year period. But who was Brother Cockerill? In recent information passed on to Silentlambs the following was learned; 1. Cockerill was the Presiding Overseer in his congregation (Chairman of Elder Body) and regularly gave talks at the Circuit and District Conventions for JWs. (This is a key group of about thirty elders who are looked to as examples) 2. Cockerill was on the Circuit Judicial Committee, which means he was in a elite group of ten major elders in the Circuit. This means any complicated judicial matter that a congregation could not handle such as child abuse issues etc…Cockerill would be involved in making the final decision on judicial appeal hearings that would be approved by the home office. 3. Cockerill served on the Charity Commission in his local Kingdom Hall. 4. Ron Drage and George were good friends according to JWs in their local congregations. 5. Cockerill was not disfellowshipped when his victim went to the elders or assistance and this caused the victim to leave the religion. Only when another victim went to the doctor and he reported it, Cockerill was arrested and convicted, then he was disfellowshipped. When we reported on Brother Porter the congregation rallied around him and gave him support including a wife that was going to ‘stand by her man’. You can read about this here . Interestingly the IBSA directed by Drage issued this statement about Cockerill; A spokesperson for the Jehovah’s Witnesses said: We do not tolerate in any way that kind of behavior. When this was brought to our attention Mr Cockerill was disfellowshipped and therefore he is no longer a Jehovah’s Witness. Does this really answer the real issues that were allowed on Drages’ watch? 1. UK is a reporting country, why were local elders advised under Drage’s watch to not report when a victim went to them for assistance? (All elders are required to ask for home office direction when abuse is reported) 2. Porter was an ex Bethelite (worked in home office) Cockerill had key authority positions within the JWs why did Drage not act to protect children? 3. Did Drage forgo ethics and morality and just follow the New York mandated policy of allowing molesters to go unreported and their records erased? ( See UK Elder letter 06/01/01 for policy directives) In the articles below you will see sobering testimony and reactions of the judge to the horrendous 40 years history of this serial pedophile that used his friendship with Drage and positions of authority to access and rape children. There are also additional articles of several other JW molesters in the last six months in other parts of the world that have molested children as well. This includes one of the most wanted men in America, Fredrick Mclean wanted for molesting over 30 children as a JW in good standing. ( So in the current article it appears to be yet another sad case of Ron’s rapists striking again. While press releases are issued with no acknowledgement of wrongdoing or apology for being associated and supporting a pedophile for 40 years, Ron Drage to continues as a leader with no remorse for his complicity in supporting rapists.

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