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I can't Cry Hard Enough
I Cant Cry Hard Enough Shortly after 911 this video appeared on a website and stayed up for 9 years. I often referred to it when I talked of 911. It seems they captured the sense of loss and emptiness that so many felt when this great tragedy occurred. I was privileged to know a gifted writer that wrote a poem on the day following 911. She seemed to touch the grief in her words. By those words and with the song above it is a way that we can find a way to have closure or at least express the empty feeling of loss, hurt and pain this tragedy caused. So as I burn a candle today my thoughts are with those that lost so much, gave their best, and feel the grief of 911. "As If You Were Mine" I never met you, yet now, you're familiar, I never shook your hand, yet you're my friend. I never kissed you, but you were my child....And I shed tears that never seem to end. I never held you close, yet you're my husband, you were not by bride, yet, you're my wife. I never felt your care, yet you're my Mother, The one who gave me love, and breath, and life. I never sought your strength, yet you're my Father, You're my brothers, uncles, sisters, cousins, aunts, We will keep on hoping, keep on searching, As long as any of you has a chance. I never sang you lullabies, yet you're my baby. You're the grandparent who wiped away my tears, I love you even though I never knew you, as if I'd known you a lifetime worth of years. I never saw your smile, until September, staring out from pictures held in shaking hands, Of those who utter prayers you may be living, beneath the wreckage that defiantly still stands. I never saw you fight, yet you're my hero, because you tried, and never did give in, Your courage saved so many who would have perished, because of you, all evil did not win. I never touched the towers, yet I mourn them, I never dreamed such sorrow, yet my heart breaks, for every single person who is missing, for every family that will never be the same. I've never imagined such hatred, yet we all saw it, ...Such noble things, used with such evil intent. Flying through the air, inside, such precious cargo, so many innocent lives, such senseless ends. The towers fell, and none of us could stop it, if we could have saved those lives, we would. Now we will cry, with all those who are grieving, giving comfort, love, and strength, as we all should. And we will learn your names, and see your faces, though you're gone, you're never left behind. We'll not forget the lives that you were living, and I will mourn you, as if you were mine. ~Lily Paige

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