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Dear friends of Silentlambs we would like to thank so many for their kind support over the years. Many have devoted time and effort in helping abuse survivors during various crisis situations. In addition, different ones have bravely stepped up to tell their story or support others in helping to no longer be silent and protect children. By doing so you have educated millions to know they are not alone and in many cases help report those that hurt kids. Over the years we have quietly continued to do the work behind the scenes so to speak and more importantly try not to be a financial burden to anyone in helping others. No one has ever taken a salary or used funds for personal gain we simply rely on the good will and volunteer spirit that has helped us to exist for the last eleven years. In the next couple of months we have expenses related to the website and operation of Silentlambs. Currently we do not have the funds to do this and all we know to do is to put the matter before those that know about our work and feel it is important. This time of the year individuals give to many charities, many times it is uncertain just how much actually goes to help the person in need. When you support Silentlambs every penny helps those that need it the most. So friends we make this appeal to you. If you can help even if it is just $5, every little bit can help do something good for someone in need. Click on this link and if your heart moves you please help us help others. Thank you for your consideration. Silentlambs

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