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Update on Court Case
WT Assets Frozen Temporarily
WATCHTOWER ASSETS NOT FROZEN FOR TWO YEARS There have been many comments and some articles written about the freezing of one billion dollars of Watchtower assets following the loss of the Candace Conti court case. Those that have commented on this are technically true in part but in the typical court proceedings this is just a matter of the regular filing of documents to protect the settlement for the plaintiff. It is considered a typical move in a court proceeding to freeze the assets when the defendant had yet to obtain a bond to cover the settlement. It was apparent WT did not expect to lose and simply were not prepared for this. So the Judge doing his job made the ruling contingent upon WT obtaining a bond to protect the settlement for Ms Conti. The minute the Watchtower obtains the bond the all assets are free and clear to be used any way they wish. So this looks like more of a procedural matter. WT will obtain a bond in a week or so and the order will in a matter of typical court procedure be removed. Those are the facts. It would have been amazing to see their assets frozen for two years but in this instance it is just not the case. The point is this remains a major victory for abuse survivors everywhere. Institutions are being called into account for bullying victims into silence and in many instances hiding behind the first amendment as religion. We can finally see the brave efforts of those that have come forward having a huge impact and forcing unethical and immoral men to face responsibility for their actions. Thanks to all that speak out and help others to know they are not alone. We have also updated the media page to reflect the extensive media coverage of this story. Silentlambs

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