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JW Elder Fugitive JW Elder/molester in Costa Rica 01/10/13
Holt Case Information for case. 11/01/12
Brother Holt A JW in Oregon murders a fellow member and into child porn 10/27/12
NEW BOE on ABUSE A new policy letter has been issued on abuse in JWs 10/15/12
Silentlambs March Marks Ten Years We wish to make the tenth anniversary of the Silentlambs March! 10/09/12
Regular Pioneer Busted Murfreesboro Woman arrested for molesting her children 09/11/12
Trust Silentlambs We wish you to be aware 08/01/12
New Book on Abuse Silentlambs work recognized in new book 07/30/12
Candace Conti Update Court Documents and additional information on the Conti Case 07/25/12
ABuse Survivor Speaks Out! Story about the JW Policy on abuse 06/24/12
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