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When seeing the stories on the silentlambs website, often gifted individuals are moved to write songs about the issue of abuse, we offer the following as a labor of love and hopefully a measure of comfort for those that have suffered abuse.


Delores Hershey - A gifted song writer and singer from Nashville Tennessee offers the following song;

"silentlambs" click here to listen

Written by Delores Hershey and James Rae.  Piano and vocals by Delores Hershey


Cathy Manna a talented song writer from British Columbia, Canada, and her friend Darryl Taylor wrote the following song for silentlambs on her album, “The Rocks Cry”


Her comment about the song,


“This song is written for the children who have suffered at the hand of abuse and neglect. You matter my children, you are not alone. Stop the Abuse!!!”

The Rocks Cry


The name of the song is;


“You Matter” click here to listen  


You can download Cathy's music at this link,


Written by Michael Record and his friend are talented song writers from Indiana. The following is what they have to say about this song;

"This song was written for children who are being abused. It is our responsibility to be their voice and to take a stand for them. This song is about hearing the children "When They Cry"."


The name of the song is;

"When they Cry" Click here to listen

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