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Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Silentlambs.March at the headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  VIDEO  The March was a statement of how the Governing Body refuses to follow the very rules they require of children when they are molested.  In June of 2002 the GB was sent this LETTER .


The letter asked for an impartial hearing to be set up by the Service Department and for them to hear numerous eye witnesses to the crimes against children committed by the Governing Body.  At the time I was still a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing and as any member can do brought charges against the Governing Body.  If you have two eye witnesses to the sin of another member you are required to bring forth the transgression or you become a sharer in the sin according to directives within the organization.  So in writing three charges of sins were made against the Governing Body and in good faith over 125 Jehovah’s Witnesses arrived at the front door of the Service Department to offer testimony of that sin.  One month before the March the Governing Body sent an order out to disfellowship me at all costs.  The charges were “causing divisions” and the basis was that because I was telling the friends about the abuse problem in the organization it was disturbing them and that was the reason to df me.  I mentioned that I was telling the truth of the matter but the committee said per their instructions telling the truth made no difference.  So I was disfellowshipped for telling the truth.  As I told the committee, I was in pretty good company… Jesus, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Paul, John, and many others were either persecuted or killed for telling the truth so I would wear it as a badge of honor and proof of their wrongdoing. 


The actions of the Governing Body defied the very theology they require all members to live by.  They are above their own law and when confronted with eye witnesses hide themselves like cowards while sending henchmen to do their dirty work.  I wrote a second letter afterward regarding their actions.  You see there is another rule in the organization and that is by your actions you disassociate yourself from Jehovah.  When the Governing Body set themselves above the law required of Jehovah’s people they by their actions removed themselves from the organization.  You can read that LETTER HERE .


Their actions since that time show them to be stiff necked and haughty men with no regard for the flock.  They have cost the organization millions in Word Wide Work money to defend child molesters to the point it is estimated that ten cents of every donation goes into the legal defense of pedophiles.  The shame brought on Jehovah and his people are directly due to their actions. 


The Silentlambs March was a statement of truth and for all those that participated; it was a day the lambs roared and let evil men know they would be exposed for their wickedness.  It is hoped that Jehovah’s Witnesses some day will stand up like Jehu and throw these evil men down for their malicious actions that have hurt thousands of children.


We wish to express a thank you for those with the courage and strength to stand up for children.    

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